About Us

Km Edizioni was founded in Florence, Italy as an independent publisher with a focus on illustrated books for children and teenagers. We publish highly-visual and entertaining stories, but also aim to develop a “community” where readers can meet others who, like us, want to share life stories, helping spread the joy of reading and learning. We hope to help restore the creative power of words and the communicative impact of imagery as a means to encourage critical thinking and the free expression of the self. Our objective is that readers gain further self-confidence, develop ideas and become increasingly driven to achieve their dreams.

Our Books

Sofia ha perso il filo

Sofia vorrebbe dire qualcosa, ma chi è intorno a lei è sempre molto indaffarato e quando finalmente l’impegno è passato, il filo del discorso ha già scordato. Riuscirà Sofia a riannodare la matassa di parole?

Mos come nessuno

Mos the monster starts a journey in search for a place to stay, where he can make many friends. “I’m sure I’ll be fine”, he thinks every time before arriving in a new village, but he’s always too different and people are scared. So he leaves disconsolately, again and again, until he decides not to search anymore, always convinced that, sooner or later, he will meet someone who like him is not like Nobody.

Polpo Bruno (Cooming Soon)

What would happen if one day the sea became black and white? Will Bruno the octopus be able to find the primary colors and restore splendor to its world?

BatteRita (Cooming Soon)

Rita can hardly wait: she is about to receive the gift she asked her grandparents for her birthday. Unfasten the bow and tear off the paper.

– I didn’t want thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat – screams.

Latest News

December 6, 2019

Children and social media

12% of 10-year-olds are already on social media and the percentage rises to 54% for children aged of 11 and 12.They enter the network by declaring […]
November 7, 2019

The publisher says

One of the first people I told I wanted to open a publishing house exclaimed: “Are you crazy?!”In these months I have thought many times about […]
November 7, 2019

The diversity of Mos

Mos come nessuno is the first perfect book for a publisher that has among its objectives the raising awareness of diversity and the reflection on the […]

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