About Us

An indipendent publisher

Km Edizioni was created in Florence as an independent publisher dedicated in particular to illustrated books for children and teenagers. We wants to publish beautiful and amusing stories, but we are also a “community” where you can meet people who, like us, want to share and tell life stories, helping to develop and spread the love of reading and learning. We work to restore creative power to words and communicative power to images, we encourage critical thinking and the free expression of inner resources, so that our readers increase self-confidence, develop ideas and are emotionally driven to achieve what they want.

We are looking for works that reflect every nuance and every color of that great human adventure that is life, defending an idea of independent and “creative” publishing that looks at the book as a privileged access to knowledge of the world.

Cleopatra was the turtle that lived in my grandmother’s garden. I used to give it salad and fruit in the summer. It had a great passion for the soles of my shoes and as far as I could get away from it, sooner or later it always reached me.

For this reason, today it is the image of our logo and represents the spirit of our activity based on tenacity, strength and longevity that is basically the wish we do for everyone: walk many KM together!

Erika Marchetti-Direttrice editoriale

Erika Marchetti


Curious, stubborn and ironic, I’ve always been passionate about stories and cinema and I never start a book, unless I first stroked the paper. Why open a publishing house? To make circulate different words, opinions and ways of thinking, to follow that curiosity that allows us to go beyond barriers and our own conditioning. Because I would like a better world than the one around me and I’m tired of doing nothing about it.


Sabrina Carollo


I’m from Milan, but I live in Florence. I am a journalist, an author and I work in communications. Books and children are for me synonymous of magic: both can make the impossible, possible. I believe in little things, in details: a beat of wings can change the world.