Authors and Illustrators

Laura Pusceddu

Laura Pusceddu


She was born in Cagliari, but lives and works between Rome and Bologna. As a writer, she published for Edizioni EL / Einaudi Che Musica! 20 legendary rock stars and Michael Jackson, re del Pop from “I Grandissimi”. She also works as an author of television programs for various national channels. Passionate about music, in her free time she writes lyrics and music.

Gregorio De Lauretis

Gregorio De Lauretis


Gregorio De Lauretis was born in 1990 in Atri (Abruzzo), a small town in the center of Italy. Graduated in Teramo and studying at the Academy of Art in Florence. Since then he has studied graphic design and web design at Nemo NT Academy of Digital Arts. Where he was rewarded with a scholarship from the famous character designer Stephen Silver.Gregorio has completed numerous animation and illustration workshops with many authors all over the world, which he has found invaluable because they helped him to establish his style and have been the stimulus for his passion. Gregory works digitally but begins with drawing with ink on paper. Then he scans the work on his computer where he exalts the piece with his colors and finishing touches. Currently working as freelance illustrator based in Florence, where he lives.

“Imagination is my world, the illustration is my language”

Michela Pesci

Michela Pesci

Authors and Illustrators

Born in Florence on 4 June 1978, since she was a child she has an irresistible attraction for oriental dances, colors, images and illustrations. She attends the High School of Advertising Graphics and works in many publishing houses as a graphic designer; she paints on commission and make art workshops for children. In 2018 she won the first prize of the competition “Leave the mark … in the Library!” for the best illustrations. The purpose of his works is to bring color and poetry everywhere.